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ECOO-822X portable steamer for quick wrinkle removal

Handy Steamer

ECOO-822X portable steamer for quick wrinkle removal


☆ Dry ironing & Steam ironing;

☆ Anti drip;

☆ High steam rate;

☆ Big stainless steel panel

☆ Horizontal ironing & Hanging ironing;

☆ Automatic Powerful Continues steam (Pump Inside) ;

☆ Low temperature ironing technology (Will not burn any Garments, Even the Silk,Nylon) ;


    • Voltage:220-240v
    • Frequency:50/60Hz
    •  Water Big tank capacity:300ML
    •  Small tank capacity:80ML
    •  Power:1000w
    •  G B Size:15.5*10*28cm
    •  Carton Size:57*61*32cm
    •  Steam flow:24±2g/min
    •  Servive time:8 min
    •  Reheating time:15s
    •  FCL (20'/40'/40'HQ)
    •  6000 pcs/ 12500 pcs/ 14600 pcs


    This innovative and versatile product combines the functions of a dry iron and a steam iron, giving you the flexibility to choose the ironing method that suits your needs. Whether you prefer traditional dry ironing or powerful steam ironing, the ECOO-822X Handheld Steam Ironer has you covered.

    One of the key features of this portable garment steamer is its anti-drip feature, which ensures there will be no leaks or spills during ironing, keeping clothes and ironing surfaces clean and tidy. Featuring high steam rates and a large stainless steel panel, this garment steamer ensures efficient and effective ironing, delivering professional results every time.

    The ECOO-822X handheld steamer is designed for convenience and ease of use. It can be used for horizontal ironing and hanging ironing, allowing you to handle a variety of garments and fabrics with ease. The automatic powerful continuous steam function is powered by a pump inside the steam ironer, ensuring stable and reliable steam output for effortless ironing.

    Plus, this handy garment steamer comes with low-temperature ironing technology, which means it won’t burn any clothing, even delicate fabrics like silk and nylon. This gives you peace of mind and ensures your clothes are safely ironed without causing any damage.

    In terms of specifications, the ECOO-822X Handheld Steamer does not disappoint. Its working voltage is 220-240V and frequency is 50/60Hz, making it suitable for use in a wide range of places. The large water tank capacity is 300ML and the small water tank capacity is 80ML. With an output of 1000 watts, this steamer is powerful.