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ECO-825G model portable handheld steamer

Handy Steamer

ECO-825G model portable handheld steamer


☆ Dry ironing & Steam ironing;

☆ ON/OFF switch for power and steam;

☆ Anti drip;

☆ High steam rate;

☆ Stainless steel panel;

☆ Horizontal ironing & Hanging ironing;

☆ Automatic Powerful Continues steam (Pump Inside) ;

☆ Over-Heat Protecting;

☆ Low temperature ironing technology (Will not burn any Garments,Even the Silk,Nylon) ;


    • Voltage:220-240v
    • Frequency:50/60Hz
    •  Water capacity:280ml
    •  Power:1800w
    •  G B Size:17*12*29cm
    •  Carton Size:50*35*30.5cm
    • Steam flow:35±5g/min
    •  Servive time:10 min
    •  Reheating time:15s
    •  FCL (20'/40'/40'HQ)
    •  4160 pcs/ 8640 pcs/ 10000 pcs


    The ECO-825G features a power and steam switch that allows you to easily control the amount of steam released, giving you the flexibility to adjust it to your specific ironing needs. The anti-drip feature ensures water won't leak out of the soleplate, providing a neat ironing experience.

    This handheld garment steamer features high steam rates and a stainless steel panel for powerful and efficient ironing performance. Whether you prefer traditional horizontal ironing or the convenience of hanging ironing, the ECO-825G can handle it with ease.

    One of the standout features of the ECO-825G is its automatic powerful continuous steam function, achieved via a pump inside the device. This ensures you get professional-grade results with minimal effort. Additionally, the overheat protection feature gives you peace of mind as the garment steamer is equipped with safety measures to prevent any potential accidents.

    What sets the ECO-825G apart from other garment steamers on the market is its low-temperature ironing technology. This innovative feature allows you to iron delicate fabrics such as silk and nylon without the risk of burning or damage. With the ECO-825G, you can confidently process all types of fabrics and garments with ease and precision.